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Acrylic abstract painting consisting of Yellow, blue, Pink, red orange, black and turquoise. Displayed on a white wall.

Collateral 4

Dimensions: 48"L x 1.5"D x 24"H

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4 piece Acrylic abstract painting consisting of Violet, purple, blue, yellow, red orange and turquoise. Displayed  on a white wall.

Collision Course 3

Dimensions: 48" L x 0.75"D x 28"H (full length is 4ft-2.4ft)

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A combinations of bright colours in a explosions pattern


Dimensions: 48"L x 0.75"D x 36"H

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A misty vibe with greens, whites and violet colours. Diamond symbol in centre.

Diamonds In The Sky

Dimensions: (3) 18"L x 1.5"D x 36"H (full length is 4.5ft-3ft)

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Dark blue backgrounds with bright fluorescent colours


Dimensions: (3) 24" L x 1.5" D x 30" H (full length is 2.6ft-6ft)

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blue gold and white fluid acrylic painting on a beige wall

Rikki J. & Austin K.

Justin and this piece totally exceeding our expectations. Justin was extremely personable from start to finish! He even went out of his way to personally deliver to our house. This piece not only inspired me to deep clean the hallway where it hangs but also brings us joy in all kinds of ways. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent with us!

Oxford Mills,Ontario
a beautiful turquoise and green acrylic abstract painting with a white spiral centre piece. on a light blue bedroom wall

Tom P.

"Love this piece I got. very fair price for an original work of art this size, already looking for places to put more, definitely would recommend"

Ottawa. Ontario
acrylic painting on canvas with blue red and white whit a white spiral centre piece on a light brown wall

Alex W.

"From the moment I saw Justin's work on TikTok I knew I had to have a painting. The talent he has is incredible. His website is clear and easy to navigate with excellent write-ups including the dimensions of each piece. I reached out to inquire about shipping and he was back to me within a day on how he ships. All that was left was the purchase, which was super easy on his site. Everything arrived in a couple days and was expertly packaged for safe shipping. He even includes the appropriate 3M strips to make hanging your piece easy as can be. I regularly visit his site looking for my next piece. What are you waiting for? Time to buy an original, creative one of a kind piece from Justin."

Waterford, Ontario

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