About Jhonarvar-arts


My name is Justin Honarvar, and im a abstract/mixed media artist from Ottawa, Ontario. This site showcases my creativity and love for art.

I have always been a creative and artsy person. From a young kid making models and always going above and beyond for class projects, to bringing that artsy side of me to my second passion that is cooking/baking

I fell in love with art at an early age and remember watching Art Attack every day after school and dreaming that one day I can also do that too. Growing up, I won several awards in school for my work.

So, One day I grabbed my phone and made a Instagram/TIKTOK dedicated towards my creations. Making the decision to actively pursue my dream career as a professional artist, has opened up a part of me I never knew ever existed. I pour my heart and soul into each and every piece I create. I love creating something beautiful out of nothing.

I hope you enjoy my art collection, and hope you find a piece that conects with you.