The Forgotten
The Forgotten
The Forgotten

The Forgotten

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This 36x48 Acrylic abstract painting on canvas was created using several different techniques to give it an amazing textured look.I will included the command strips for hanging the painting and Certificate of Authenticity will be included.                                           

Visit me on TikTok and watch how this was made. @jhonarvar.arts

Title: The Forgotten

Dimensions: 48"L x 0.75"D x 36"H 

Colours: White, Black, Silver, Ultimate Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue

Materials: Acrylic, Canvas

Style: Abstract  

Condition: Original condition unaltered, Mint condition, No Imperfections


*Shipping rates for this item are higher because of the size of the parcel*                               - Has to be charged an oversize item

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